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Promising You Less Pain And Less Treatment

Well - I know you are wondering how does that work?  Its simple really. Dental disease like decay and gum disease is entirely preventable. So we can stop it from happening.  We all know a decayed tooth is painful and an abscess in your gum keeps you awake at night.

With Denplan we ensure that you attend more often for your prevention programme.  Your tailored programme is designed to make sure you stay healthy by stopping dental disease from happening.  Even if there is a problem it doesn’t tend to turn into a big issue as we catch it early. It makes sense doesn't it?

10 Reasons Why You Should Join Denplan
  1. Less pain and less treatment

  2. Improved access to your dentist and hygeinist

  3. Saturday Morning and Evening appointments

  4. Priority appointments

  5. 15% dicount on private fees

  6. Access to all types of treatments

  7. Accident and Emergency Dental Insurance - Worldwide

  8. Prevention based

  9. Access to 0% finance for more advanced treatments

  10. FREE implant diagnostic consultation worth £160

All this for a low cost of £11.05 per month - to PROMISE you less pain and less treatment in the long term

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